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When you’re looking for the right Baltimore, MD, home inspector to work with when buying a new home, count on the team at AJ General Inspections to assist you with honest answers and speedy service.  We’re committed to helping home buyers like you make wise and informed decisions.

A property inspection from our punctual and professional staff can help you to learn more about the condition of the property that you’re interested in buying. We strive to provide a quick response to initial inquiries and will work hard to complete the inspection and report during our extended business hours.

Through our inspection, you can learn important information about the property you’re buying, and this includes: If the property has mold growth
If radon is present in the home
The condition of the roof

If you need assistance from a reputable Baltimore, MD, home inspector, trust our professionals at A J General Inspections for sound answers and fast results. To schedule a property inspection for the home you’re interested in buying, call our office now to set up an appointment with one of our experienced property inspectors. ​