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Home Energy Audit

Our Company is now certified to offer you a Home Energy Audit. We have been certified through the Building Performance Institute. Our certifications include Building Analyst Professional and Envelope Professional. 

BPI’s approach is to treat your “house as a system” where all the components work together. It incorporates comfort, health and safety, durability and energy efficiency.

The Home Energy Audit consists of the following:

• We will do a visual inspection of your home and look for any structural or safety issues.
• Test your combustion appliances for operation and safety
• Look at all other appliances for efficiency and age

We will do a blower test and based on the results we will make recommendations where you can improve the efficiency of your home. We can help educate you on ways to reduce your energy costs, which will help the environment and also help your wallet!

Call us or contact us today for more information on an energy audit or if you have any home improvement needs. ​